mercoledì 2 maggio 2012

Wasn't it always summer in Australia???

Winter is coming: Hobart is freezing and today it's raining too. These rainy, short, cold, sad days put me in a terrible mood. I guess that i should not complain since i haven't have a winter since 2010, but still i wish it was 40 °C. Probably, i have not to blame only the weather for my terrible mood. Lately i find it hard to deal with a lot of stuff in my life. I can't make my mind up about so many thing that i feel completly hopeless. The only thing that makes me feel better today is Paolo Nutini's music: oh, that man know how to do that. I love music, i listen to music whenever i can and i listen a bit of everything. But, this Scottish singer has got the right song for every SINGLE moment of my days, of my life. Well i would say that Paolo Nutini's albums are the soundtrack of my life. If i fancy a dance, he makes me dance; when i feel for crying he makes me cry. I feel such a deep connection with his music it's amazing. He's in tour in Europe this summer, would be awesome go and see him. The new album is soon coming out as well, so excited.

Anyway, i haven't got any other reason to be in this terrible mood. Actually i had a pretty good day today. This morning i went with the kids to Mainly Music: we spent all the morning there and had a lot of time together wich at the moment is the most important thing. Now i'm getting the dinner ready (pasta, is the favorite) and then we are going to have a big cuddle all together on the couch.

Yesterday, after school i took them to the play ground; on our way home Felix hugged me and said:" You are my best friend!" The tears came straight away up to my eyes. What can you say?! I'll be such a disappointment for them....

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