lunedì 21 maggio 2012

Home Again

Ok, i can finally let you know that i got home safely and with all my stuff. I still feel a bit confused: saturday morning i had breakfast in Hobart, lunch in Sydney and dinner in Singapore; sunday breakfast in London and lunch in Italy.
Saturday morning was awful: i had to say goodbye to my Australian family. Annabelle started crying the moment she woke up and did not stop a minute til i left. It was really sad.

Luckily i got both my suitcases checked in without problems and they sent them straight from Hobart to
Nice. Once i got to Sydney i had only one hour before my flight to London. We had a really old plane, with small (and not confy at all) seats. And of course I didn't menage to sleep anything.

I got to London on Sunday morning. I was late for my flight for Nice so i had to rush to the gate. Once i got in Nice i had my lovely family and my best friend waiting for me. Lots of tears and happiness to finally see them again. But the surprises weren't finished yet. We drove home and there other friends and my brother were waiting for me. And he had a really special pressie for me. He, my little brother (who's only 16 but taller than me), bought me an Iphone. Isn't he lovely? I've never heard about a little brother doing that, i'm so lucky. 

In the afternoon my aunty and uncle came to say hello too. It was so nice to see them.
They kept me awake until 9 pm, then i finally went to sleep.

Now i have to unpack the suitcases. I thought i had emptied my wardrobe before i left, but i didn't so i don't really know where to put the heaps of clothes i bought in Australia.

It feels good to be home, strange but good. I've changed so much in those 7 months but here everything has remained the same. Nothing change, and i sort of feel that i can't fit really well in here anymore (not that i did before).
Luckily tomorrow i have to pack again, i'm off to London with the best friends in the world. When i get back i'll start thinking what i'm gonna do with my life. I'm too tired and too confused to deal with that now. I'll be practical for a couple of days and i'll start thinking later.

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