mercoledì 23 maggio 2012


I got the best friends and family in the whole world. The second day home, was a bit sad. I thought all day about the little loves i left in Australia and didn't want to see anybody. Around 7 pm my mum said that she was taking me to the supermarket to buy some stuff i would have needed for London. She said we had to stop somewhere before; i was so confused about everything that i did not noticed anything but when i got to this place we had to stop to, ALL my friends were waiting for me. It was the best surprise ever, because i didn't expected anything and most of all i didn't noticed they were organizing all of this. All the people that make my days happy were there, waiting for me with lots of love ONLY for me. I was so happy i could not speak. When i saw them all there crying and smiling 'cause i was back, i realized that it was the right time to come back and see them. I already can't cope with most of the things here, so it's probably soon time for me to go again but i'm happy i came back to see them.

Tomorrow i'm off to London for a couple of days with friends: it'll be so fun. I've never been in London before (i only stopped over at Heathrow). I'm going we two friends of mine and we are catching up with some friends that live there.

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