martedì 15 maggio 2012


When i just came here, or when i was about to come, i thought how much i would have missed my friends. Friendship is one of the most important reality in my life. I don't like to share my privacy with whoever (i know it might sound silly since i'm blogging, but you know what i mean), so the people i chose to share my "world" with, become like family for me.
Well when i came here, i knew i would have met heaps of people but i never thought i could get some "real friends".
After all i've been through here i can definitely say that i met two of the best people (and now best friends) i ever met.
One of them is Rachel, my "boss". She took me in her house and made me feel at home since the moment i stepped in the first time. In those 7 months we have been sharing past, present and future dreams and fears. She became like a sister for me and i'm so thankful for everything she did for me.

The other one is Stella. I met her a couple of weeks after i arrived. She is one of the most beautiful person i ever met. We became really close pretty much immediatly. It's one of those people that you can't help your self of loving.

Today we both had an hour break so we went for a coffee at Uni. She surprised me with a pressie and one of the best cards ever. I'm so lucky to have her.

 She gave me Vegemite Pyjamas. Isn't it the best gift ever?!

I'm so greatful those two girls came into my life, and i hope we'll always keep in touch,  it would be a huge loss otherwise.

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