venerdì 4 maggio 2012


After my "mylifesucks" mood of the last couple of days, today i woke up happy and went to MONA, the museum of old and new art. After i took the kids to school i rushed home, quickly did some jobs and got ready. I was stepping out of the door when i noticed that it was raining. I thought:"Oh well i'll just take the umbrella, not a big deal". I took the umbrella, put the headphones in my ears and played some good music. After 5 minutes i was walking i stepped into a HUGE (it could have been a swimming pool) puddle, i said to my self:" Sarah, it's just water go on". Still my mood was great. When i got to the bus-stop i had to wait a half  an hour under the rain. Eventually the bus arrived. It took 40 minutes, in wich i was paniking 'cause i thought i had taken the wrong bus, but i finally did it to MONA. I had heard a lot about it, people use to describe it as....weird. And yes it is weird but i LOVED it.

My absolut favorit was "Funeral song" by Daniel Mudie Cunningham. When i saw the title, i thought it would have been some boring "depressing" stuff, when the music started i was shocked. It's a video of Cunningham dancing on the tune "Proud Mary". He got obsessed by Tina Turner since he saw her when she was in tour in Australia. Since then he decided to make a video every 5 years. He made one in 2007 and one this year, i'm actually looking forward for the 2017 one..this guy is pure genius.

Funeral Song by Daniel Mudie Cunningham

Snake by Sydney Nolan

I'm really happy i went to this museum, it's really unique and i think is a must-see. So, people, if you ever get to Hobart, go visit MONA it's worth to see.

When i got out the rain had stopped, it was still freezing though but luckly my bus came as soon as i got to the bus stop: sometimes thinking positive really helps your days to get better.

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