giovedì 3 maggio 2012

Future, scary future.

Well after college i was (i am) a bit lost. Had (have) no idea what to do of my life. I think this is a pretty common problem. Especially in Italy at the moment, there's no future for young people, no job and no money. That's how i decide to take a gap year in my dream country: AUSTRALIA. Coming here is one of the best things i've ever done. I've been in the land down under for 6 months now and is soon time to go back home, but i still haven't make my mind up on what to do FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Well, is a pretty big decision isn't it? So, lately i've been thinking a lot on what i would like to do every day from now on. 

Photography is my BIG passion. I got my reflex last year and i was so happy that i nearly cried. But i kinda have always seen in like an hobby and never thought that it could actually be my job.

I don't know why i never thought about that: you can get a job in a lot of different industries and it something i really like to do. The only thing that "scares" me is that there's heaps of photographers around, could i really be better than them and score my goal? At the other hand, why shouldn't i give it a shot?! Would i really be happy studying something i don't like but that gives me more chance to get a job?!
That's probably what being "adult" means. All those big decisions are persecuting me. Could someone just tell me what to do?????

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