giovedì 10 maggio 2012

Busy days in Hobart

Do kids ever stop? Probably not. It has been a pretty busy week so far (and is not over yet). Yesterday, we had our weekly appointment at Mainly Music. The kids love it and i enjoy it as much as them. They play and i got the chance to catch up with some gorgeous ladies. Some of them actually became really good friends. An other tick on my "GONNA MISS" list.

Today It was finally a sunny day (still cold though). So this morning we went off to the park. We had a lovely time and the kids wanted to be my models so i got to get some good shots of them.

I'm happy though the day is about to finish. I actually would like to go to sleep and wake up in September. There's to many stuff i have to deal with and i wish somebody else could take care of them. And all this "going back home" thing is stressing me much more than what i thought it would. I just would like to shout to everybody "GIMME A BREAK".
The only thing i'm looking forward to, about going home, is the travel. I'll finally be alone in an airport (probably one of my favorite places) with THIRTY hours for my self. Oh yes, that's going to be awesome.

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