sabato 5 maggio 2012

East Coast

Even though i've been in Tasmania for 6 months, i just started lately to do the "tourist stuff". Last week i went on a trip on the east coast. We reached Wineglass Bay, but stopped by a lot of beautiful places on the way.

Orford Beach

Honey Moon Bay

Wineglass Bay is one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, and i haven't seen the other 9, but this was AMAZING.

After i went to Bruny Island and had heaps of fun i decided that it was worth to see a little bit more around Tasmania before i headed back home.
The tours are organized really good: the staff is friendly and the groups are not to big so you get to know everybody. I thought that it wouldn't be very fun to travel alone but it actually is. Is relaxing and you always get to meet some new friends and i LOVE hearing people stories, especially old people's.
When i went to Bruny Island i met, a lovely man in his early eighties that told me a lot about him and about his life. I loved to listen to him and i love the way his eyes was talking, he reminded me when my grandma told me stories about her life.

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