sabato 28 luglio 2012

Summer is flowing like a stream in front of me and i can't get into it. It feels so strange. Summer here has always had a different taste, but this year i just can't get into the summer mood.

Sanremo, Italy

I'm studying lots, the test is TUESDAY, maybe that could be a reason.

The job is fine, and recently i've taken my brother Alessandro with me. The kid i'm baby sitting is so cute and it's really easy to be with him, so i had no doubt they would have been friends quickly. But it was so nice to see how easy it was for them, for all the children, i guess, get friends. 
After a few question about what their favorite play station games and soccer team were, they get along really well. The funniest was that after a half an hour they were already calling each other "mate" and "dude".

And i was wondering why, as you grow up, everything gets harder. Why, it can't be so easy to be friends for the adults as it is for the kids. And i was also wondering when exactly, friendship, turns into something potentially difficult.

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