sabato 7 luglio 2012

Happiness has a sound

Music is a really important and always-present thing in my life. Everything seems easier with a good song in background and if the lyric is as good as the tune it's just perfect. I do listen commercial music and i actually listen a bit of every kind of music. But there's only a couple of singers/songwriters that really gets straight to my heart. I would share with you some of them.

I would say Adele is my favorite woman singer. She's so deep and her voice gets really emotional on me. The album 21, is just amazing. Love every single track, i would say that "Crazy for you" is my favorite at the moment, though.

I keep on trying, fighting these feelings away, but the more i do, the crazier i turn into.

As  i already let you know, my ABSOLUTE favourite, singer in the WHOLE world is Paolo Nutini. I can't help my self of loving him. Love the tunes, the lyrics, his voice, simply everything. I find my self in every word he sings. His new album is coming out soon, i'm so looking forward for that. From the past two albums he published "These Street" and "Sunny Side Up" i couldn't chose my favorite song, i love all of them. Lately the one i listen more often at is "Coming Up Easy" from his second cover. 

It was in love i was created and in love is how i hope i die.

Not long ago, i discovered a new English folk group, that is amazing: the Mumford and Sons. I don't know them really well yet, but i love all the tracks i listened to. My favorite is "Hold On What You Believe". They defenitely deserve to be with my favorites.

But hold on to what you believe in the light
When the darkness has robbed you of all your sight.

The group i just mentioned involves me emotionally. The last group i'll talk about tonight will be "The Black Keys". They are soooooo good. They make my day be better as soon as i listen the start of one of their tunes, i just want to dance and sing out as loud as i can. They have a great impact on my mood: always make me feel better.

It was a happy way to say goodnight, to you, world. 

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