sabato 7 luglio 2012

I'm getting quite use to my life back home now. I got a job and i study most of my time.
Tanning lots, going out with friends, pretty quite days here. 

The highlight of my week was seeing a friend i hadn't seen for almost one year. He's working on commercial ships, sailing through America and Europe. It was pretty tough say goodbye, he'll hopefully be back in Agoust, but nothing is for sure yet.

Last night we had a family party: my cousin, my brother, his girlfriend and i. Had the best time ever that ended up having a bath in the sea at 5 a.m. under the rain.

And today my lovely twins cousins arrived from Sweden. Coming here to celebrate was their birthday wish. We'll have a lot of girl-time. Polishing our nails, taking care of our beauty and enjoying some quality time with people that love you and always will.

I keep building memories i'll keep with me forever, and i'm so lucky to have around all those wonderful people that keep building with me and for me.

Surfing on internet i found this really interesting article. When i got out the college i was so scared and confused i wish somebody told me what i read on this page. Check it out, it's worth it.

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