lunedì 16 luglio 2012

Something to think about!

Surfing on the web, i ended up on this site. I got captured by the title. All those pictures are not powerful for their beauty or their pleasantness, because they has been taken by a good photographer or with some difficoult tecnique.

Their powerfulness comes from the feelings they move inside each of us. They all remind the tragic events of 2011, and by the empathic tendency of the human being we feel destroied by seeing those images. 
The problem is, each of us, reacts in a different way according to the education, the environmental conditioning and many other factors.
That's why the description underneath each image is so important.
Misunderstandings are a huge problems for the modern comunications.
But actually, the real problem begins when "the misunderstanding", become the means of the media. 

I developed my examination thesis on this subject and if anyone is aware of new studies, I'd appreciate if you contact me.

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