martedì 3 luglio 2012

A piece of heart

After nearly two months i came back from Tasmania i spoke with my australian family. I'll be honest, i didn't spoke to them yet cause i wasn't sure i could do that. Even though i miss them a lot, in a selfish way i avoid to speak with them because i knew it would hurt.

I think of them every SINGLE day. Whatever i do, i got some memories about them, and it always end up with me crying.
When i listen to the music i think about how we loved to move the table in the kitchen and dance like crazy. Annabelle loved when i lifted her up and danced with her. I still remember her laugh when we did. She was happy, and i was too.

The day before i left, after i pic them up from school i took them to the park. Felix was so happy he couldn't stop thanking me. I remember i was sitting on a bench, he run to me, hugged me and said: "Thank you Sarah, you are my best, BEST friend!!!".

Annabelle is using the toilete, no more nappies.

Lachie got in the older group of the State soccer team and will go to Coff Harbour in October.

And i wish i could always have a friend like Rachel beside me. She always knew what to say, to make me feel better, and i hope our friendship will last although the distance. 

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