lunedì 4 giugno 2012

Small Cities Realities

Sanremo, my hometown, is a really small city. Everyone know each other. If something happens everyone will know. Everyone like to talk about each other and you end up to talk about somebody's else life and not live yours. That's one of the reasons i was really happy to leave this city. I was tired about the judgment of people i did not know even if i actually didn't care too much. Anyway today was the first time i went to the city with a friend. It's sunday and everyone were around.
Surprising, it wasn't too bad. I met some friends, not the best ones but still people that i had fun with. Of course i met people i didn't want to see as well. But at the end of the day i can say, that i don't know if i can resist here for 3 months but surely i could sqeeze out some more fun from those people i once use to hang out with.
Coming back here, and see the places and the people i left is strange. Nothing and nobody changed anything.
The experience i did, changed me a lot: changed my way of thinking, changed my plans for the future. It simply made me a different, and i hope better, person. All the people i met today, in 7 months, haven't changed anything in their lifes. They still hang out in the same places, do the same stuff, talk about the same things.
I absolutely don't think i'm better of them. I just think, that i'm nearly twenty, and i'm trying to do something real to make my future happen the way i want. I'm trying to work out something that suits me perfectly because i have to live with it for the rest of my life. I do not want my life to flow in front of me like a movie. I want to act in it, and i want to be a hundred per cent responsable of the way it takes.

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