sabato 9 giugno 2012

Back to school....just for one day!!

Today i went to my old College with my friend Benedetta to greet our teachers. It was actually harder than what i thought it would be.
In Italy last year of College can be pretty tough. You have to face an exam about all the subjects and you have to bring a thesis written by you. Three written tests: a italian essay, two pedagogy essays and a test about math, english, law and healt. After a week you have the oral test, that starts with your thesis and then is about all the subjects.
Last year by this time of the year i was almost feeling sick by the stress. I was really worried.
I guess it wasn't only the exam. After it you are suppose to be an adult. You have to face by your self, for the first time, lots of big and important decisions.
I think i was afraid of the meaning of that step as well. Today going back there, after all i've been through since i left that place, almost one year ago, was pretty emotional. It made me realise, how much things around me, i and my life has changed; and how different it has gone from what i had planned one year ago.

It was nice, though, to see the teachers and the rest of the stuf and see that we left something in them. They were all really happy to see us and proud for what we did in the past year.
The right way to say goodbye to this year and to say WELCOME to my new, up coming, life.

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