venerdì 3 agosto 2012

Got it right!


I passed the first test to get my driver licence!!!

I went to Imperia, on Tuesday, and i was so nervous!
My dad was there with me, trying to calm me down! I was so happy he was there with me, for me!
And when i got back home, my little brother Alessandro had made something for me:

Now, next week i'll start with the proper driving lessons. I'm really looking forward, i think i'll enjoy it very much.

This weekend i'll be going to Verdeggia for a short holiday with a friend. It's most of all, a relaxing weekend. We'll probably be the only one in that little village up in the mountains.

This week, i've been working: well, i've just been taking Matteo, the kid i'm babysitting to the beach.

Not a hard work at all.

And right now, while i was writing down the post, one of the best friends in the whole world surprised me.
He was working on a boat and we were waiting him for the end of August, but he just now he rang on my door bell. I might be dreaming..........

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