martedì 17 aprile 2012

5 weeks to go

It’s time for me to face the truth, ready or not i’m soon going home. Even though i feel sick just thinking about that i’m trying to live the last weeks in Tasmania as good as i can. Since i've been realizing that the day of my departure is getting closer i found my self trying to save, in my memories, as much as i can. Bringing alway the camera with me is helping a lot but the thing i don't want to forget is the smells. The air here has a strange smell of…freedom. Sometimes i find my self smelling as deep as i can as if everything i smell could be print inside me and never be washed away. On the other hand i miss the smell of my home, that smell that in some way whispers to you that everything it's going to be ok, beacuse you're at HOME, the smell of my mum that even though she doesn't use any perfume has the most lovely smell in the world.

Well, apart form the smells, Tasmania is a lovely place to discover with the eyes too and obviously with my Nikon. A couple of days ago, we went to the top of Mt. Wellington, which rises to 1,271 metres over the lovely city of Hobart. The view was AMAZING.

And after seeing Hobart from above, i had a great view of the city from Derwent River aboard the Peppermint Bay II. I went on a cruise down all the way to Bruny Island.

After a couple of hours of travelling on cruises and busses we finally got to South Bruny National Park where we explored Bruny Island's breathtaking coastline. And trust me, it was really breathtaking.

It was exciting to see the wild life that inhabits this area too, exept when the guide said :" Guys, as you can see there's not many seals swimming, this means that it could be shark here around somewhere". That was a bit too "wild" for me.

Met some great and really interesting people too. It's amazing how friendly Australian people are.

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